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MatchMove - A Bank in Any App

Dhata Tech and MatchMove have partnered together to provide customers with Banking as a Service to clients wanting to extend financial services to its consumers.

Using MatchMove's product solutions, any company can provide their end-users the ability to top-up and withdraw cash in real-time, spend via their prepaid virtual and physical cards as well as perform instant domestic money transfers as well as cheaper international remittances. This is made possible via secure virtual accounts which can be linked to a customer's bank account for instant wallet top-ups and withdrawals while leveraging MatchMove's RESTful APIs for convenience.

MatchMove solutions include the full suite of services to move money locally and globally in a safe and compliant manner. It offers fully managed services and developer-friendly features that connect consumers, merchants and financial institutions, enabling their clients.

This is relevant for different industry segments namely

Micro Lending
Delivery platforms

Easy integration with platforms and marketplaces

Security and compliance at the core

We use best-in-class security tools, technology, and banking industry practices to maintain the highest levels of security.

Our services are fully compliant and licensed to operate within national and international regulations.

Offer your customers cash balances on
a safe and secure platform

Works better than cash and can be paired with virtual or physical cards

How It Works


Customer buys from your app, website, or store


You issue a virtual account instantly


You deposit rewards, rebates, and refunds


Customer uses those rewards, rebates, and refunds for repeat purchases

Key Benefits

Customer buys from your app, website, or store

You issue a virtual account instantly

You deposit rewards, rebates, and refunds

Customer uses those rewards, rebates, and refunds for repeat purchases

Businesses of all sizes can make safe and low cost remittances around the world

Deliver real-time digital cash transfers to virtual accounts, digital wallets, and traditional bank accounts

Go Digital With Our Banking-as-a-Service Solutions

Digitize and automate your users' banking needs with your own next-generation bank-grade wallet plus card. Offer consumers and employees a better, more seamless experience than with traditional banks.

Key Benefits

A Fast And Efficient Way To Move Cash

Businesses and FinTechs including neo-banks use MatchMove to scale their business by providing their customers a faster, safer, and easier way to move cash.

Provide A Better User Experience

Digital wallets and open loop cards provide a more frictionless payment solution.

Know Your Customers Better

Real-time analytics of customers' spend and send patterns enables companies to offer more personalized services.

Make More Money

Monetize your customer base in new ways — every time your customers spend, send or lend, you can make money on every transaction.

Use Case


Prepaid card tied to savings deposit account


  • Easy access to funds for the customers
  • Direct top-up and deposits to the card
  • Seamless online and offline payment

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