Transformation of Contact Center Customer Experience Zone

Contact centers have been at the heart of many organizations to communicate, support, build relationship with customers. The call center technology has been evolving and it has helped the organizations to continue to provide better services to its customers. With the advancement in Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning /Deep Learning, the organizations can leverage these technologies to transform the way contact center solution works and thus provide unparallel customer experience to its consumers.

When we think of a Contact Center, the first image that always comes in mind of peoples working in cubical, accepting incoming or making outgoing calls, productivity has been considered on how many calls has been made by agent, how many resolutions are being made. It is designed in a way to be reactive in a manner to respond customer queries, complaints, provide first call resolutions etc.
It is seen as an expensive way to serve the customer (compared to self-service) and most organizations are struggling to master the art of leveraging this powerful channel to make customer experience even better. The longer wait times to reach to the agent, the challenge agents have to be able to solve customer problems quickly and the broken processes in the background makes it harder to provide a good experience. There is always a pressure to reduce total cost of operations (TCO) as well.
Adapting Customer Experience Zone requires organizations to decouple internal mechanism to create real value to embrace positive impact on their customer. The objective must be to build a unique experience with proactiveness and collaborative in nature to build Trust and Enhance Customer Experience.

Challenges with Traditional Contact Center

From Contact Center to Customer Experience Zone

Contact Center

Centralized Control Mechanism.
Reactive Resolutions, advisory,
supporting sales.
Drive towards omnichannel.
Reactive, predefined,
Focused to manage daily
operations and cost.
Contact Center

Customer Experience Zone

Customer Experience Zone
Decoupled and Decentralized.
Creating positive experience
and value-add.
Achieve Business
Collaboration by Collaborating
Internal Teams.
Proactive, collaborative,
enhancing experience with
unique proposition.
Enhancing customer
relationship by improvising
We are providing various solutions to Transform from Contact Center to Customer Experience Zone

Contact Center Scenarios & Solutions

Existing Telephony in Contact Center requiring replacement

Amazon Connect

Leverage existing Telephony in Contact Centers to augment Customer Experience

Google CCAI

Amazon Connect

Traditional Contact Center Challenges

Legacy solutions were too expensive and hadcomplex pricing models

Painful, frequent outages (causing lapses in service, lost revenue, wasted agent labor and excess troubleshooting)

Poor vendor relationships (lack of trust, misleading fees, etc)

Unable to access strong AI technologies (too immature or too expensive)

Inability/difficulty to scale up or down

Difficult, complex, bespoke and expensive integration capabilities (or none at all)

Easy to use, Omni channel cloud based Contact Center


No planned downtime
Pay-as-you-go pricing
Dynamic, personal and natural contact flows
Dynamic, personal and natural contact flows
Scale up & down at moments notice
AWS services and partners

Benefits - Amazon Connect

Reduced call volume routing by up to 24%

Reduced System Administrator effort by up to 60%

Shortened AHT by up to 15%

Reduced Supervisor effort by up to 20%

Reduced training time by one week

Reduced subscription & usage costs by 31%

For more details, please visit Amazon Connect

Google CCAI

Augment Traditional Contact Center with Google CCAI

Foster relationships, increase customer satisfaction & maintain operational agility

Deliver great service with AI technology that reduces the load on your staff, keeping you agile while saving you money

Win the key moments by engaging people, in the right context at the right time, in any medium, with personalized experiences

Get real-time insights with on-demand access to live and historical data from your contact centers

CCAI delivers a better experience for your customers and offers deeper insight into key call drivers, all while saving you money

Google CCAI addresses multiple strategic priorities...

Generating immediate business value: higher margins, lower OPEX and differentiated customer experience

CCAI impact

Reduce costs
  • Handle demand spikes via automation, not OPEX
  • Reduces training costs & agent churn
  • Enable dynamic and flexible working environments
Increased call center efficiency and lower agent costs
Improve customer experience
  • Increases CSAT & NPS, Higher resolution rates and more accurate transfers
  • Reduces wait times, even in high demand scenarios
  • Improves call disposition with more accurate insights, faster
Increased call center efficiency and lower agent costs
Increase revenue
  • Builds customer loyalty and creates higher upsell & cross-sell potentia
  • Drives customer revenue increases
  • Positions higher margin products via improved relationship building
Decreased operating expenses and agent turnover

Benefits - Google CCAI

Automatic Dialogflow speech adaptation

Improved speech recognition specific to your context

Better customer experience and higher call contain rate

Depth of transcription

(120+ languages, 100+ voices)

Natural Language Understanding quality

Better analysis of conversations in real-time

Shorter call handling times and more accurate responses

Insights using Sentiment Analysis

Higher up-sell/cross-sell potential via AI scoring the user’s attitude

Assisting the agent in improving the outcome

Integrates with existing and 3rd party systems

No lock-in

Avoid large-scale rip and replace

Easier to implement

Fast time to market

(3-6 months compared to 6-12 months)

For more details, please visit Google CCAI

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The content of the web page is referenced from Amazon Connect and Google Cloud.