Advance Network

Given the acceleration of Digital Transformation for businesses and governments, Telcos are playing a key role. On one side, there is a laser sharp focus to make sure that the network assets are highly efficient, on the other side – it is also about upgrades and new investments to make sure that the latest technologies/ trends like 5G, multi-edge compute, SDN/ NFV are leveraged for growth and differentiation. Telecom networks continue to become more complex with the advancements in technology. Software is the new hardware but it will continue to co-exist with the old hardware in the foreseeable future. Dhata brings in multiple solutions to Telcos:

  1. Performance as a Service
  2. Hyperscale Network Lifecycle Management

Performance as a Service (Partner – Avenseus)

For Network performance as a Service, we leverage Avenseus, AI based predictive maintenance. This is a radical new approach to telecom network management using AI with advanced algorithms for prediction, correlation, clustering, root cause analysis and automation.

Avenseus predicts network failure & network degradation well in advance with the help of AI. This solution is with future proof technology & 5G ready and is proven on 50 telecom networks globally with 75% precision and 45% coverage as global average. It has been granted 2 patents, has published 2 patents and filed 4 patents. The company has been awarded Gartner Cool Vendor recognition in 2018 and featured in multiple Gartner reports.

The solution is agnostic to equipment vendor used by the Telco, for network operations.

Key Benefits

Savings of up to 30%

Revenue enhancement

Enhanced customer experience leading to higher customer loyalty

The Solution (Avenseus Cognitive Assistance for Networks)

  • A novel mechanism to monitor health for millions of equipment types / services on daily basis
    1. Prediction algorithm always converges because of a novel transfer learning mechanism (Avenseus invention – Initial weight assignment algorithm)
    2. Prediction algorithm converges very fast, thereby reducing hardware requirement (Avenseus invention – New gradient acceleration algorithm, adaptive error threshold based on data characteristics and bounded-time prediction)
  • A novel mechanism to monitor health fA new factor aggregation method for prediction at service (virtual service or network slice) level (Avenseus invention – New multi-factor prediction algorithm)
  • Autonomous operation of algorithm needing no parameter change for different networks or different equipment (Avenseus invention – Universal prediction)
  • Unique root cause prediction based on topology discovery and field based learning
  • Cloud native software

Differentiators, Why Avenseus?

  • Telecom specific, proprietary, AI based predictive analytics software
  • Deployed in multiple ecosystems across 50 operators worldwide
  • One of the best platforms with Global Benchmark KPI of 75% Precision and 45% Coverage
  • Integrated with third party ITSM, Incident Manager, syslog tools
  • Network, Technology, Manufacturer and Ecosystem Agnostic
  • AI based analytics that automates the incident discovery, prioritization, action initiation, spare management and customer management
  • Integrated weather analysis for increased relevance
  • Voice Interface for ease of access and disabled friendliness


Supports multi-domain (RAN, Core, Transport, Fixed network, SDN/NFV, IPTV, ITInfra)
Supports multi-vendor network environment (Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei, Cisco, Juniper etc.)
Deployed for multi-technology (2G, 3G, LTE, MPLS, Fixed Network, SDH, IP-MPLS – all)

How Can Dhata Help

Due Diligence & Business Case


Management & Benefits Realization

Hyperscale Network Lifecycle Management (Partner – Pitney Bowes)

  • The data production and consumption is going with phenomenal pace. It is only going to increase once 5G becomes mainstream and the usage of OTT content continues to be on the rise.
  • Telcos need to upgrade their infrastructure and there is increasing need for hyperscale network for 4G/5G tower fi-berization.
  • This requires efficient single backbone network planning to serve their customers, while providing high quality service
  • For an integrated approach to Hyperscale FTTx Network Lifecycle Management, we leverage Pitney Bowes solution.
  • This is across Network Design and Roll-out, Maintenance and Monitoring, Orchestrate Network Resource Management
  • The solution helps tapping in the big data goldmine by integrating data quality processing directly into the big data platforms so that vast quantities of data can be processed at an amazing pace.


Designing, building, commissioning and operating FTTx networks is a technically complex undertaking. Pitney Bowes proven solutions helps you to manage these complexities across the entire life cycle through a comprehensive end to end platform with the below key capabilities.

Homepass Management

  • Easy clustering of Homepass data by site acquisition team for cluster proposal
  • Comprehensive Homepass and Cluster management
  • Field mobile app for Homapass tag points
  • View Homepass status replenishment
  • Coverage map access to public to verify serviceability

Site Selection

  • Site Selection assists in making the important strategic decisions based upon facts
  • Drives increased reliability & transparency
  • Select best design strategy
  • Helps save time and increase quality
  • Helps to increase ROI

Network Design

  • Quickly design new fiber roll-out for FTTx
  • Fiber to Premises, Fiber to Building deployment
  • Facilitates high level design, Generates To-Build designs
  • Helps in building capacity for distribution points in terms of maximum home coverage
  • Clustering demand points with basic geometry

Network Buildout

  • Managing right of way and other legal, administrative, financial and regulatory procedures
  • Settling disputes and coordination among the public authorities
  • Managing contractors, civil works, technical specification and acceptance
  • Complete tracking and monitoring of various build out activities
  • Build in roles and hierarchy with audit trail and SLA management

Network Resource Management

  • Automate repeatable network procedures and tasks
  • Track various resource performances and obtain current status of specific network
  • operation tasks
  • Eliminate duplicate network tasks to optimize costs

Network Maintenance and Operations

  • Single Source of truth for all Passive and Active Infrastructure
  • Helps with Capacity analysis and operational planning
  • Complete Customer & Logical view
  • Supports various existing topologies and constantly evolves as per industry demand

Network Monitoring and Tracing

  • Fiber health monitoring and complete management of OTDR traces
  • Helps to instantly analyze alarm and undertake troubleshooting
  • Servers as backbone for monitoring and controlling site operations & management

Workforce Management

  • Work order and field force management
  • Track productivity & performance
  • Comprehensive status reporting & dashboard
  • Proactive & reactive service request handling
  • Complete service request Lifecycle management

Project Management

  • Align work with Strategic Project Objectives
  • View and track Project Portfolio
  • Manage the Network Project Lifecycle
  • Gain visibility and control over Projects
  • Helps with demand management and work planning
  • Provides intuitive reports and dashboards

Network Feasibility

  • Provides Sales team to be able to do feasibility study without involving technical
  • team's time
  • Provides common platform for network and business professionals
  • Supports various network topologies – GPON, P2P, MPLS to name few
  • Configurable Bandwidth/Plans based feasibility search
  • Supports bulk mode to generate feasibility in bulk
  • Allows to manage potential customer/prospects

The capabilities are modular and seamlessly integrates with existing systems or even with BSS/OSS investments of existing service providers.