Snowflake and Dhata Tech partner together to help customers to simplify data management and insights.

Snowflake’s unique multi-cluster, shared data architecture enables us to help you address some of you most demanding data and analytics challenges by delivering:

  • A single platform, with a single copy of data, for many disparate workloads
  • A platform to enable secure and governed access to all data
  • A platform delivered as a service, with near zero maintenance.

Traditional Data Architecture

Complex, Costly & Constrained

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Data Silos Prevent Value Realization

Companies are falling short of realizing the potential of data because of the proliferation of data silos.

With the rise of the application cloud (Salesforce, Workday) and infrastructure clouds (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud), the amount of data we have to drive our businesses has exploded, but that data is now spread across different silos and environments.

To drive business value, innovators in every industry have to gather data sourced from different databases, business units, suppliers, partners and customers.

All these silos are expensive and time-consuming to extract value from, and governance and collaboration are nearly impossible across multiple technologies and clouds.


Any Format
Near-Unlimited Scale
Sharing Without Copying or Moving
All of Your Organization’s Data, on One Platform
Your Ecosystem - Partners, Suppliers, Customers
Snowflake Data Marketplace - Industry Datasets, Data Services, Applications


Know Your Data
Understand and classify data across your entire ecosystem
Unify Security & Governance
Simplify governance across workloads with centralized controls
Control your Data
Implement flexible governance and security policies, that don’t hinder innovation


Product dev teams building new products
Data scientists running new models to drive business decisions
Analysts surfacing executive insights
Biz Dev teams monetizing data into new revenue streams


Financial Services Data Cloud

  • Financial services firms are under pressure to meet shifting regulatory requirements, scale digital platforms, and innovate against emerging competitors, all while navigating an increasingly complex data landscape.
  • The Financial Services Data Cloud is helping many of the world’s leading financial institutions embrace these challenges, and evolve their businesses
  • The Financial Services Data Cloud is a connected network that enables financial firms to thrive in a data-intensive, highly regulated, and competitive environment with the help of Snowflake’s platform capabilities, tailored solutions delivered by Snowflake and our partner ecosystem, and the growing amount of financially-relevant data that is natively available in Snowflake’s Data Cloud.
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Media Data Cloud

  • Changing industry standards and increasing regulatory scrutiny are rapidly forcing media publishers and advertisers to adapt.
  • The Media Data Cloud is enabling businesses to build a new data foundation that delivers better customer experiences and business outcomes, while taking a proactive stance toward privacy and protecting consumer data.
  • The Media Data Cloud is a connected ecosystem that leverages Snowflake’s core platform capabilities, tailored solutions delivered by Snowflake and our partner network, and the growing amount of data that is natively available in Snowflake’s Data Cloud.
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Retail & CPG Data Cloud

  • From optimizing your supply chain to improving inventory management, Snowflake delivers the deepest insights needed for data-driven decision-making.
  • Consolidate your omnichannel data to gain a universal view of your customers’ behaviors, preferences, and journeys.
  • Maximize revenue by unlocking value from previously siloed data with Snowflake’s secure data sharing capabilities and Data Marketplace.
  • Drive accurate supply chain planning, demand forecasting, inventory management, and more, with the advantage of virtually unlimited analytical scale and performance.
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Healthcare & Life Science Data Cloud

  • Whether you’re focused on delivering quality care or developing next-generation therapeutics, Snowflake enables your organization with modern, powerful, and advanced analytics for the deepest insights possible.
  • Centralize all your data in a single and secure location and unlock deeper insights with faster analytics that help improve patient outcomes, deliver quality member experiences, and streamline operational inefficiencies.
  • Share sensitive data securely within and beyond your organization with built-in security and governance that supports HIPAA, HITRUST, SOC 1 and 2 Type II, PCI DSS, and FedRAMP (medium) requirements.
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Scale and Performance

Snowflake offers SaaS on multiple cloud platforms ( AWS, Azure, GCP) and enable to scale up or down based on requirements and runs faster queries.

Supports Structured & Unstructured Files

Snowflake automatically optimizes how the data is stored and queried irrespective the nature of data ( structured or semi-structured ) for analysis.

Concurrency and Accessibility

Snowflake maintains multi-cluster architecture; each virtual warehouse runs independent to another virtual warehouse and can scale up or down based on requirement.

Data Sharing

Snowflake enable user to share data sets with another snowflake user. Organizations can directly share data with consumers.

Availability & Security

Snowflake supports distributed availability zones on multi cloud platform and designed considering high-availability at core, enabling cross-platform disaster recovery and data availability.

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