KFC Ventures is the investor in Dhata Tech. KFC Ventures is Nityo Group's Corporate Venture arm, which works on the principle of investing Karma Free Capital into early stage and growth stage B2B startups globally.
It believes breakthrough ideas need brilliant support and execution. KFC Ventures makes strategic investments in transformative technologies that leverage the collective tech capabilities and market reach. As an experienced and trusted partner, it helps tap into the group’s extensive technology resources to build the innovations of tomorrow.

Meet KFC's Portfolio Companies


CardUp is a credit card enablement platform that brings value to both individuals and businesses by improving the way they pay and get paid, access credit and manage payments. 
The company started by allowing any big expense previously made by bank transfer, cheque or cash to be shifted to card, even where cards are not accepted. Examples include rent to a landlord, insurance premiums, payroll, supplier invoices and more. CardUp has since gone on to launch merchant card solutions and payment automation tools that help SMEs save time and automate their finance processes.


iStrives - Employee Performance Management Platform. iStrives offers easy to set-up dashboards that gives every level in a team clear visibility of targets and results. Multi-layer recognition and gamification to motivate, reward and recognize your teams. Full suite of Badges, Trophies, Likes, Star Rating and Cash Incentive tool. Instantly drive focus with simple target setting, leaderboards, performance tracking, competitions and reward mechanics. See the performance at all levels through progress tracking screens. View top performers, overall achievements or individual results using the dashboard. Track every element behavior and its development across all the gamification mechanics


We are a Singapore-headquartered HRTech Advisory firm, striving to create the greatest possible value for enterprise clients by matching the right HRTech solutions to address their business and talent challenges. After all, enterprises that focus on HRTech as part of their transformational agenda are creating sustainable economic value and better workplace experience for their employees.
As Talent Advisors and HRTech Advocates, we work in tandem with our clients to identify the right HRTech solution that addresses their needs. During the entire journey with the client, we always ensure that all aspects of the CHRO’s transformation agenda are kept in mind”.


HackerTrail is a cloud-based recruitment solution for the technology industry, designed to source and connect the right candidates with the right employer. HackerTrail prevents interview fatigue and empowers hiring managers to focus their resources only on the right candidates. Most of our clients are provided with qualified and motivated candidates within two weeks of using our proprietary approach. HackerTrail also offers its online assessment tool for assessing technical resources across hundreds of technical skills. Candidates can take online challenge on the HackerTrail arena and can earn badges and trophies which helps them to get noticed on the platform by prospective emplpyers.


SPREAD platform allows the issuer to issue security tokens that are unique to their project or to pool of projects. These tokens financialize value directly and allow for liquid secondary markets of exchange. This value can then be fractionalized to enable any level of participation down to the smallest of micro-transactions. In principle, anyone, anywhere, can participate in these new digital economies before, during or after their creation; allowing all parties to have a stake in their success through a form of decentralized ownership. These security tokens are then offered to all registered institutional/accredited investors globally and represent the rights of an investor as an equity holder and/or debtor of the funds.