Contact Center Automation

Dhata Tech has partnered with Engagely for Contact Center automation. This includes both the contact center platform and modular components that could be used to enhance the value of existing contact center platforms. These solutions are AI-enabled.

Engagely Automation Cloud

With voice-first CX automation, be there for your customers when and where they need you. The comprehensive suite of next-gen intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) helps you flawlessly stay in touch with your customers across channels that includes voice, email and chat. The solution helps you make your customers feel important and valued with not only reactive but highly personalized engagement through smart recommendations and nudges. Our intuitive and intelligent customer engagement platform comprises ultra modern natural language processing (NLP) model that creates ‘Gold Dust’ in every single conversation you have with a customer. Engagely strives to make customer experience seamless, cost effective, and highly efficient by putting power of automation to good use

Contact Center Cloud

Replace your traditional call centers’ painful IVRs with Engagely’s AI-ready omni-channel contact center solution for enterprises. The modern contact center software helps you maintain high productivity and efficiency of contact center operations while delivering exceptional customer experience. With unified customer experience approach, real-time reporting and analytics, easy integrations and other transformative features, Engagely caters to all your customer support and business needs. It automates and powers conversational engagement on the leading communication channels like, voice calls, conversational & visual IVR, video, email, social media, text messages, and more- all this with no additional infrastructural overhaul

Unified Communication Cloud

The transformative solution is designed to break all your business communication silos and craft seamless CX across customer touchpoints through a unified user interface. The feature-rich solution enables optimal flexibility, convenience, speed, and efficiency to your CX workflow. The unified communication across channels is powered by customer 360 degree view, data intelligence, live chat, email ticketing, behavioral analytics, and a lot more! The communication backed by intelligence gives your customers freedom to flawlessly reach you on the channels of their choice, and agents power to seamlessly deliver delightful customer experiences.

Engagely Analytics Cloud

Delight your customers by knowing their needs more than they do. Engagely’s CX analytics cloud is one place to precisely view all your customers’ data, teams’ performance and overall business insights. The accurate and validated analytics help you un-reveal the insights in your customer data and act upon them to drive business driven decisions. The actionable insights into what your customers like or prefer based on conversation history helps you understand your customer’s intent better and drive better conversational experience.


Human-like experience with voice ai

Automate end to end customer support by seamlessly integrating voice AI solution with your existing systems. Deliver life-like conversations in 100+ languages, wide range of dialects, speaking styles and emotions with Engagely voice bot. The automated speech recognition and response technology helps you drive instant, accurate & personalized customer support and engagements.

Top applications of voice AI

Inbound Calling

Automate cyclic, transactional multiple inbound calls with an insightful, dynamic, human-like experience. Engagely smart voice AI accommodates multiple simultaneous calls ensuring zero waiting time for your valuable customers

Outbound Calling

With Engagely voice automation, place outbound calling, increase the number of people contacted without scaling up the headcount, and control call conditions to reach prospects outside of regular business hours

Effortless Amalgamation Of Systems (Voice AI+IVR)

The extensive voice AI platform helps you integrate a contextual voice assistant with your existing IVR instead of replacing it. So that you can deliver high-quality customer engagement experiences with no infrastructural overhaul anymore

Call Center Software’s call center software powered by AI-voice bots is just the right fit solution for all your call center support operations. It is designed to support omnichannel journeys from the voicebot while building personalized workflows.

Self Serve-First Approach With Chat Automation

No more keeping your customers on hold! With CX automation, tap into the power of 24*7 customer support. Personalize customer support experience across the languages your customers speak and channels they love- be it social media channels, website, Google business messaging or mobile apps. Let your customers get instant help with their queries with higher accuracy and efficiency without the need to interact with human agents. Address complex queries with smooth transition from the bot to the human agent if and when required.

Real Time Agent Assist

Meet the AI powered expert helping hand to your Agents! The bot for agents empowers them with real time support and information they need to resolve customer queries across voice & live chat. Thereby adding up to a significant boost in agents’ productivity.
The virtual assistant reads or listens to the every live conversation between the customer and the human agent. By accurately identifying the intent and sentiments, the bot further guides the agent with next-appropriate-actions and right fit recommendations. The agent assist maximizes the ability of customer support agents to handle more complex queries with improved average handling time (AHT). It helps you deliver better agent and customer experience while improving overall contact center efficiency.

Deliver Automated Yet Human-Like Support With Great Accuracy & Efficiency’s conversational AI platform helps transform customer experience by turning every single engagement into a delight with complete CX automation. The robust platform disrupts traditional request-response based systems with proactive customer journey management for improved business outcomes like never before.

Personalized customer journey orchestration transforms complex communication workflows into the out-of-box CX

O1 Understands The Context:

Engagely's intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs understand the customer profile and stage in the customer journey.

02 Nudges The Customer:

Customer journey management provides right nudge to educate, enable, and assist customers in taking right decisions.

03 Enables Customer Journey Orchestration:

The easv-to-use drao ~ dron intertace enghles seamless configuration of the process flows in the form of a process tree at the bank end.

04 Engages The Customers In Conversations:

Engagely understands customer messages through its proprietary conversational Al and drives engaging conversations With the help of multimedia

05 Learns From Customer Responses:

Engagley's Al engine learns from every customer interaction to make the next interaction a lot more meaningful and delightful.

Email bot

Right From The Incoming E-Mail To Closure Response

Leverage the most powerful yet unexplored solution for customer support. With email bot, the entire process of reading thousands of customer mails, understanding context and sentiment, and then providing a tailor-made response to all the mails happens in a matter of seconds, without the involvement of a human agent.

Give Customers The Timely & Personalized Support They Expect

Email bot is one of the most powerful yet unexplored solutions for improved customer support and experience. Thus, Engagely introduces a smart and intelligent email bot that ensures immediate case closure responses to customer queries at scale. This transforms customer experience and at the same time brings down the cost tremendously for enterprises